With the wisdom of law and business, cast the giant shield of the enterprise.

Director ‘s message

Lawyer Zhao Yugang

       In the past ten years, we have experienced a great change in a century, and the modernization of national governance level has become an important indicator. As a result, the requirements of the rule of law compliance and the changes in the business environment brought by private enterprises have put forward higher requirements for private enterprises. Enterprises need to re -sort out business logic and top -level architecture to create an ecology that attracts talents and capital. Enterprises must meet the requirements of national supervision and assume more social responsibilities!
       In the past three years, the new crown epidemic broke out, and international relations have changed, making people confused. At this moment, we can only adhere and persist. Because we cannot accurately predict the future, we may be more cautious and conservative, and we will pay more attention to operating risks and asset security. Safety, related to the success or failure of the cause, the protection of family, and the realization of mission.
       The giant shield also has its own mission, that is, With the wisdom of law and business, cast the giant shield of the enterprise. In the era of great change, let us join hands to meet the waves of the times and create our glory.









Corporate govern





Business Partner System

Business Partner System

The company selects core employees from the inside, gathers talents and resources from the outside, and grows together with the company through the development of business partners. The series of systems and measures formulated for the selection, management, assessment, operation, and motivation of partners are collectively referred to as the "business partner system".

1 Establish an internal incentive mechanism to activate employee motivation, build a partnership culture, and reshape the internal ecology.
2 Set up a shareholding platform to provide equity/option incentives to qualified partners.
3 Develop a co-investment plan for partners to bind the interests of employees and the company.
4 Absorb external partners, inject energy, and optimize business models.
5 Absorb company shareholders to realize double binding of resources and capital.


Equity Dispute Resolution​

I 为股权争议提供策略分析和专业法律意见;制定行之有效的诉讼及谈判策略,代表客户参与谈判;根据诉讼策略和分析报告,代理客户参与诉讼和仲裁等法律程序。

II 我们利用在股权争议解决方面的专业优势及丰富经验,建立律师调解服务中心,通过专业的法律分析及对争议双方优劣势分析,避免双输局面,从而使得争议双方高效、公平的解决纠纷,在客户利益最大化的基础上实现定纷止争


Criminal Legal Risk Management

Criminal risk is the most serious of all risk categories.
Entrepreneurs who violate the criminal law not only face the risk of losing their personal freedom, but also have a bearing on the life and death of their enterprises. In addition, businesses and entrepreneurs can become victims of crime.

1 To provide programs and mechanisms for preventing and controlling criminal risks.
2 Response and protection of rights and interests after the criminal crisis occurs.
3 Provide judicial relief services after suffering a criminal offense.

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Solve the problems encountered by the enterprise at any time

Equity structure and corporate governance structure design, equity and commercial dispute resolution, private equity investment, post -investment management, mergers and acquisitions, corporate business legal risk management and other types of lawsuits and non -litigation issues can provide you with services. For help, please tell us.